About the project - Summary

The pupils of the participating project schools will do research on various manifestations of violence at their schools and in their personal environment. Their research will thus be based on personal experience. They will recognise and reflect on causes and effects of violence. Then they will exchange and discuss their results with the pupils of the partner schools. The pupils will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the problem and a keener perception of violent situations. They will then be able to evaluate their own reality more critically.
In a next step the pupils will work out potential solutions for conflict situations which again will be exchanged with the pupils of the partner schools, and so they will learn of other ways of dealing with violence. The pupils will gain insights concerning the necessity of education against violence, on a local and a European level.
At the beginning of the project there will be personal statements of the pupils about the topic.
A film will further increase the pupils' motivation to get started. The reading and analysis of a short story will exemplify problems in dealing with violence. The Arts lessons will provide a more creative access to the project's topic: the pupils will make sculptures and paintings on the subject of violence. Peaceful and non-violent ways and methods of dealing with violence are to be worked out, acted out and filmed on video.

All the results will be exchanged and discussed by the participating pupils and teachers via a common homepage (e-mail, chat,…).