Some results of the pupils work on the short story "The highest branch of the tree",
presented on our meeting in Bucharest

Winner of our contest (creative work about the short story): Volker Kintzinger (Stuttgart)

Second: Dialogue (Budapest)

Third: Romanian pupils putting their face on

Works of the spanish students

Other works:

Volker Kintzinger (Stuttgart) Volker Kintzinger; Stefan Bilharz, Benjamin Betz (Stuttgart) Sluran Kassaj
?? Daniela Burzlaff (Stuttgart) Jan MŲhrmann (Stuttgart)
Me on the tree

Iím sitting here, Iím singing loud
I pissed them off, Iím very proud

Itís getting dark, Iím full of fear
I see the park, feel rolling a tear

I have no friends, I dontít know why
Maybe because I am too shy
Or Iím too snobbish Ė they donít like me
I feel like rubbish, they must feel my pee

Iím sitting here, wa scheating bad
My soul is black, Iím feeling sad

Iím lying here now all alone
I would like to be at home
Malena Scheller (Stuttgart) Simon Dreizler (Stuttgart) Stefan Bilharz, Benjamin Betz, Kevin Daumann, Sebastian Totzauer (Stuttgart)
On the top

I sit on the highest branch of the tree,
A tree, which is so much higher than me.
On the tree I feel so lonely,
ĎCause no one stands beside me.

Iím waiting here and getting bored,
Threreís no one Ė only me and the Lord.
The tree is so tall and high,
I believe I can touch the sky.

Iím still an outcast,
How can I change my past?
Will I stay alone at last?

I know that Iím intelligent,
Will I ever find a friend?
Or will this suffering never end?
Julian Schahl, Volker Hagen (Stuttgart) Rome