Creative tasks for „Ondskan“ 
Choose one of the following topics
1. The media are getting some hints about what’s going on at Stjärnsberg. 
  a) Write a newspaper article either for the yellow press or for a more serious paper.
  b) The news event is broadcast on TV. What does the newscaster say? Produce a combination of reading and film or video tape.
  c) Make an open-line radio show or a reportage.
2. Imagine a scene at Stjärnsberg in which a teacher intervenes. Act the scene.
3. Erik’s mother can’t handle the situation at home anymore. Write a dialogue between Erik’s mother and his stepfather. Where in the film would you place your dialogue? Act the scene.
4. In the forest Erik frightens Silverhielm and takes revenge but doesn’t kill him. What’s going on in Silverhielm’s mind during and after the incident?
Write an inner monologue.
5. Think about Erik’s future.
  a) What will become of him after graduation? What will his life be like? Will violence continue to play a role throughout his life? Imagine and write Erik’s curriculum vitae.
  b) Erik, his room mate Pierre and Silverhielm meet 20 years later. Write a short story .
  c) There will be another film about Eric as an adult. Write the plot of this film.