Conflict about the Danish cartoons


Please discuss the following questions in your class and send the statements (of the classes) as soon as possible to Andreas:



What do you think of the conflict released by the cartoons showing Mohammed in the Danish newspaper “Jyllands Posten”?



Do you think Denmark should be supported in the cartoon jihad by your mother country and its media?


If so – in what way?


If not – why not?



How much satire on Mohammed must Muslims bear? Where are the limits of satire, the limits of offending other people’s sensibilities in your opinion?



What would it mean to you if your country’s flag, your embassy was burnt?



European arrogance versus Muslim fanaticism - Have we reached the long talked about conflict of civilizations? What’s your opinion?



What impact do cartoons have on people’s opinions?



State your opinion (adding the estimation / evaluation of minorities in your class as the case may be) and send them to .

The results / answers will be sent to the teachers by email, they will not be published on this website.