Minutes of the meeting in Budapest

Project Calendar 2005/06

Which activities are planned for the remaining project year?

 -           Production of a DVD including the results of the creative tasks presented at the Budapest meeting. The results will be discussed in the project groups. The discussion will focus on the major issue if pupils really want the teachers to solve their problems.

-           The analysis of a literary extract from Roald Dahl’s autobiography (Captain Hardcastle) based on key questions will be another impulse. The results are to be published on the website and will be discussed in the international student study groups.

-           The analysis of Captain Hardcastle and the Budapest results will be used for various creative tasks: creative writing or designing illustrations, dialogues, etc.  

-           Evaluation of the project work (teacher’s and student’s questionnaire)

-           Project meeting in Stuttgart with students from some of the partner schools (planned for June 2005): Work on the topic Extreme Youth Cultures and Violence at School, evaluation of project.


Which project activities are planned for  the project year 2005/06?

 The topic of the project in 2005/06 will be violence in an international context, international conflicts and their coverage in the media. 

 The participating students will be split up in bi-national pairs. They will contact each other by email, get to know each other and introduce their partners to their classes/study groups. These pairs will work together in the course of the whole project year communicating in the EIRENE-Forum or through email.

The participating student groups introduce themselves and their schools in a short video, which will be exchanged with all the partner schools and they will also publish a group photograph on the EIRENE-website.

The project groups will start with a film. They will see the film Wag the Dog and analyse it in the classroom based on key questions.

Project meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland (teachers and students):

-          Discussion of the film in international student groups.
-          Creative work on the film
-          Planning of creative tasks for the study groups in the partner schools based on students’ discussions about the film

-          coordination and planning of further project work (tasks, time table, integration into the school curriculum,…).
-          evaluation of the first project period
-          discussion of current problems
-          selection of a recent international conflict – topic of the work in 2006.
-          planning of a new international project in 2006/07
The aim will be to get the project and international communication started, to involve the students in the planning process and to coordinate the project work.

 The bi-national pairs will discuss the film through email. At the same time students will work on the creative tasks. The EIRENE-forum and the chatroom will be a platform for discussions among pairs, groups, classes and teachers.

 The topic conflicts and the solution of conflicts on an international level shall be dealt with in an analytic and a creative way. Students and teachers will provide special tasks, students will work on them and publish their results on the website. These results will be discussed in the forum. Dealing with a specific international conflict students will anlayse the structure of a conflict and possible solutions. A documentary film could be used to start the discussion. The analysis of the conflict will take place in the participating classes / groups; the bi-national pairs and the study groups will discuss the results of these analyses (published on the website).

 A next step will be to look at the media coverage. All the groups will analyse the media coverage of the specific international conflict in their local, regional or international newspapers within a given period of time. The aim will be to find out differences and similarities and to detect common interests and varying national interests. Students will summarize the newspaper articles and translate the summaries into English and interpret them statistically (these results will be published on the website). The bi-national pairs and study groups will discuss these results. These will be the basis for various creative tasks (e.g. students are expected to write reports and articles themselves, make photo collages, illustrations,….) which will also be published on the website.

 Project meeting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (teachers only) in March 2006:

Evaluation of the EIRENE-project (2003-2006), evaluation of the project year 2005/06.
Planning of the new international project
Discussion of further cooperation between the partner schools beyond this Comenius school project.


Project calender  2005/06 



Persons responsible for task


Email addresses

sending current email addresses of students to webmaster@eirene-project.net

participating students

30th  September 2005

Bi-national pairs

Participating students are split up in bi-national pairs

Andreas (Stuttgart)

7th October 2005

First email contacts

Students introduce each other to their partners

participating teachers of the partner schools

By 25th October 2005

Introduction of the participating schools and students

making of a video to introduce the group and their school – if possible (videos are to be sent to partner schools)
group photo for the website

participating teachers of the partner schools

25th October 2005


Wag The Dog

(Robert de Niro)

key questions on film

Susanne, Annika

End of September 2005

Proposals for creative tasks for the Edinburgh meeting

German group of teachers

End of September 2005

First discussions of the film in the project groups at school

participating teachers of the partner schools

End of October 2005

meeting in Edinburgh

Working on the film

planning of the project year 2005/06 ideas for a new project 2006/07

Ian, Hazel, teachers and students of the participating schools

27th October- 31st October


Wag The Dog

(Robert de Niro)

Discussion of the film and creative tasks ŕ results on website

participating teachers of the partner schools

20th December

Analysis of an international conflict

Documentary film about an international conflict (e.g. Iraq))

Andreas, ….

January 2006

The conflict will be analyzed by the students in class



Discussion of the conflict in bi-national pairs and study groups  - detailed tasks

participating teachers of the partner schools

January/February 2006

Newspapers /TV

Analysis of media coverage of a specific international conflict in regional/national newspapers (in class during a certain week)

participating teachers of the partner schools

6th – 10th February

Comparison of the media coverage of the conflict in newspapers

participating teachers of the partner schools

February/ March 2006

Creative tasks:
- students write their own articles dealing with the international conflict
- illustrations

- …


February/ March 2006

Discussion in the bi-national pairts, and in the study groups

participating teachers of the partner schools

February / March 2006

Meeting in Santiago de Compostela  (teachers)

Evaluation of the project

participating teachers of the partner schools

End of March 2006


Evaluation of the project by questionnaire

Teachers, students, headmasters, parents

June 2006