International conflict and its coverage in the newspapers

Middle East: Israel, Palestine and the nuclear conflict with Iran

30.01.06 - 10.02.06

Newspaper analysis

In this period you should have a daily look at your local or regional (national) newspaper and analyse its coverage of the international conflict (Middle East: Israel, Palestine and the nuclear conflict with Iran) according to the forms:

Form 1 (fill in each day)    Form 2 (fill in for each article)

Fill in “Form 1” each day and fill in “Form 2” for each article you find in the newspaper of that day. These two forms must be filled in on the computer and be sent to your teacher and to as an attached word document.

PLEASE send these attachments immediately after completion.

Please choose a particularly striking edition from the two-week-period, buy 9 copies of that newspaper and send one each to all partner schools. Schools will need these copies for their individual exhibition.


Results of the newspaper analysis


Comparative work:

Teachers and classes should decide themselves how to proceed with the comparative work on the results of the newspaper analyses you will find on thisr website.