Update of our project plan 2005/06




Persons responsible for task


Email addresses

sending current email addresses of students to webmaster@eirene-project.net

participating students

30th  September 2005

Bi-national pairs

Participating students are split up in bi-national pairs

Andreas (Stuttgart)

7th October 2005

First email contacts

Students introduce each other to their partners

participating teachers of the partner schools

By 25th October 2005

Introduction of the participating schools and students

making of a video to introduce the group and their school – if possible (videos are to be sent to partner schools)
group photo for the website

teachers of the partner schools

25th October 2005


Wag The Dog

(Robert de Niro)

key questions on film

Susanne, Annika

End of September 2005

Proposals for creative tasks for the Edinburgh meeting

German group of teachers

End of September 2005

First discussions of the film in the project groups at school

teachers of the partner schools

End of October 2005

meeting in Edinburgh

Working on the film

planning of the project year 2005/06 ideas for a new project 2006/07

Ian, Hazel, teachers and students of the participating schools

27th October- 31st October

Wag The Dog


Creative tasks

Discussion of the film and creative tasks:

-          working on pictures, comments, captions

-          photo tour

teachers of the partner schools

15th December

Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year!

Copenhagen meeting

Work on our next 3-year-project and

choosing an international conflict for this year’s project.

teachers of the partner schools

Kaj, Frank, Andreas decide on the conflict

12th to 15th January 06

Analysis of an international conflict

Documentary film - about the international conflict (BBC-report?!).

Ian and Hazel

January 2006

The conflict will be analyzed by the students in class – worksheet.

Kaj, Frank, Andreas

January 2006

Discussion of the conflict in bi-national pairs.

teachers of the partner schools

January/February 2006

Newspapers /TV

Analysis of media coverage of a specific international conflict in regional/national newspapers (in class during a certain week).

teachers of the partner schools

30th  January  to 10th February

Newspaper articles (summaries in English) are  published on the website.

teachers of the partner schools

17th February

Comparison of the media coverage of the conflict in newspapers.

teachers of the partner schools

24th March 2006

Discussion in bi-national pairs and in study groups

teachers of the partner schools

February / March 2006

Meeting in Santiago de Compostela  (teachers)

Evaluation of the  3-year-project.
Cooperation without funding in the next years if applications are rejected?

teachers of the partner schools

24th to 27th March

Students’ meeting in Stuttgart

Students’ ideas for a peaceful world.

Students from Hungary and Germany (and others who can join us)

May or June 2006


Evaluation of the project (questionnaire).

Teachers, students

June 2006